Yet again a large number of the public have shown their complete disregard for the staff and volunteers running flu vaccine clinics at the Bay Medical Practice in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.

Approximately 25 per cent of the people who made their own appointments to receive the flu vaccine on Saturday did not turn up.

Some made excuses such as: “It’s the weekend and I’m busy.”

Don’t they think the staff and volunteers have better things to do with their time? The staff have families too. 

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The practice has been running Covid and flu clinics regularly for some weeks on Saturdays to accommodate the public and this is the apathetic response.

As volunteers have been giving up their time and the staff working six day weeks, it isn’t a lot to ask that those who make appointments have the common decency to turn up. 

It not only wastes the time and energy of the workers and the cost of keeping the building lit and warm when it would usually be closed, but it also denies people who would like to be vaccinated from making appointments they are prepared to keep. 

It’s extremely selfish, irresponsible and basically ignorant behaviour — and if you are one of the “did not attend “ people please don’t waste appointments and time, it’s really not acceptable.

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