Do the powers that be on the Isle of Wight, actually care about tourism and tourists?

If they do, how can they possibly think it acceptable to pull down the lavatories at Ryde Esplanade and not provide alternatives?

There was a very good replacement but it was apparently vandalised, so in their wisdom they removed it.

Many Island tourists are old, they need lavatories everywhere, especially at major hubs.

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Any 'serious' holiday resort provides them automatically, wherever they are required and deals with any vandalism. Not to do so is utterly pathetic and if tourists stop coming, the Island and it's businesses only have themselves to blame.

Why not set up more partnerships like the one with the hotel in Seaview, which works brilliantly?

Why not get new start-up businesses to provide public lavatories and run them, in return for large cuts in business rates.

Old lavatory blocks etc. could be converted into half business/half lavatory. .

The rest of the world generally takes tourism very seriously and bends over backwards to make tourists feel welcome, comfortable and appreciated.

Covid restrictions are greatly reduced. Why should anyone now, choose to return here for a holiday, when they know they will be treated with utter disdain, especially, as it is much cheaper to go elsewhere? 

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