An Isle of Wight swimming school says it is reviewing the current situation and is assuring families it remains in business, after Gurnard Pines' pool was closed suddenly, until March.

Elite School of Swimming, which has been using the facilities at the holiday park, says 'no-one will lose any pre-paid lesson fees.'

Thanking parents for their support, the swimming school said it had been inundated with enquiries and had been forced to cancel today's lessons.

It has been teaching in a swimming pool inside a building on the site, near Cowes.

Today (Monday), Isle of Wight members of a gym in the same complex were emailed to say they could no longer access facilities.

In an statement, GUPI Properties Limited, claimed a lease on part of the complex had been forfeited and said it would carry out refurbishments, with a plan to reopen in March.

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A leaseholder who had been running the gym facilities said he had been locked out of the building and had ceased trading.

Site owner, GUPI Properties Limited, said: "The management team of GUPI Properties Limited appreciates that there has been many unforeseeable factors that have affected the current leaseholder’s ability to make the business succeed such as Covid-19, utility prices and the cost of living crisis."

GUPI Properties Limited said: "We can make this centre thrive once more.

"We will be looking at the current use of the space within the building and are considering how the use of the ballroom and chartroom can reach its full potential, allowing events such as weddings and parties to take place in the future."

GUPI Properties Limited said staff would be offered employment 'where possible' and funds would be made available for refurbishment.

The Pavilion bar and restaurant remains open.