I would like to examine the costing and pricing policy of WightLink.

I am an Island resident of some 24 years, and like several Islanders I have a small “Bongo” campervan.

To obtain a reasonable price for ferry crossings I joined the Camping and Caravanning Club. This obviously means a subscription to them, but the ferry booked through them gives a discount of 50 per cent. Great!

This particular trip was for my wife’s fathers funeral, at Pembury on the North Island.

I booked and obtained my 50 per cent off.

My campervan's cooling system failed and it had to go into the garage for repairs, which could not be done in time for my travel.

My wife and I actually went out and purchased a car for the trip that could not be missed.

On amending the booking with Wightlink, I was informed I would have to pay a further £34.

This system is because the discounts offered are different for campers than for cars.

I tried booking just the car as a resident, but all were more expensive, so I had to pay the extra.

I proceeded with the travel, and on the ferry offered my MyLink card for purchases, but was ”Not Valid On a Sunday” came the reply.

Well, that just takes the biscuit, I thought.

On the return trip, Wightlink changed my booking from 2000 hours to 1900 because of ferry maintenance!

This clever, complicated system seems to ensure Wightlink can extract every last coin for their service.

They ask you not to berate any of their staff, so I feel I have to vent to somebody!