I am hoping someone from Sandown Town Council will see this letter and answer and comment on matters I am sure the people of Sandown would like to know about.

Why have Sandown Town Council let Sandown deteriorate so badly.

These are some of the issues:

  • A warzone seafront of dilapidated hotels that are visible from the high street as well as the prom.
  • A high street with empty shops where essential shops are urgently needed, including a decent pharmacy (you can't rely on Boots), an opticians, bakers, greengrocers, florist, a deli, a hub for post office and multiple banks to share.
  • A weekly market - where is all this produce we grow and make here?

Please don't say people can not afford to go these shops, if they shop in the local co-op and Sainsbury's and pay their extortionate prices for relatively rubbish quality I rest my case.

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Why can we not have an Aldi or Lidl here? It would improve the choice for people.

What amazes me is that I can guarantee should I wish, to be able to put a bet on in one of the two betting offices but can't buy a decent loaf of bread or fruit and veg.

Why people bother to holiday here is beyond me. But it won't last. What is here for them to come to?
Cllr Andre is the only councillor who has shown any interest in the high street.

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