A 'frank and heated' meeting between users of Wightlink ferry services ended with the Isle of Wight's MP officially joining the group, members said.

The Wightlink User Group met Bob Seely for the first time on Tuesday evening (11).

Founder of the group, Bronwyn Hamilton Brown, said Mr Seely was 'surprised' to hear that the ferry company has consistently 'refused' the group’s requests for regular meetings.

She said he was "unaware" of some of the problems and difficulties faced by Wightlink users.

Mr Seely promised to persuade Keith Greenfield, Wightlink CEO, to attend a meeting with representatives from the Wightlink User group, Bronwyn said.

She hopes he will chair the meeting and it will be the start of a regular dialogue.

Bronwyn said: “We have made real progress - we are very pleased that Bob was genuinely engaged and wanted to find out more about the serious
issues raised by islanders.

"He acknowledged that not everyone writes to him to complain - more people write to us via our website and Facebook pages - so he was unaware of some of the problems and difficulties we highlighted and he listened intently.

"He stayed much longer than he originally planned and was also interested in the research compiled by our committee members concerning the company ownership structure.

"He has committed to help us in any way he can, including using resources available to him."

The meeting was described as "frank, heated, calm, challenging, informative and honest".

At the end of the meeting, Bronwyn said Mr Seely officially joined the group and committed his full support to “work for a better deal for the Isle of Wight from Wightlink.”