"The Isle of Wight is a place that I've loved visiting over the years, and I find it extremely beautiful" says David McAdam Freud, the son of famous artist Lucien. He's come to the Island to showcase his work — and his father's — at a new gallery in Ryde.

The opening of Isle of Wight Gallery is an opportunity to do "smaller, accessible, and affordable stuff, from the heart", David told the County Press.

For the gallery's owner, Andrew Conway-Hyde, it's a chance to put the Island on the map.

"I want people to think the Isle of Wight is the arts place and I want to share that in Milan, Paris and New York and I'm going to do it", says Andrew.

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David, whose great grandfather is neurologist Sigmund Freud, usually sells his work at prices from £2,000 upwards.

But at 60A Union Street, Ryde, some of his pieces will be available from £400, which is rare.

While he would describe his father as "a grandmaster" of art, David says he is more "contemporary".

"Today a contemporary artist doesn't have to have a set style and keep banging out the same very recognisable work and that for me is really freeing and exciting because each time I do a show I can do something different."

David's love of art started at four-years-old, when he won a school arts competition.

But as he grew up, he hid from the Freud name and took his Mum's surname.

"I drew a lot but kept it very secret and hid my artistic talent. When I left school, I worked. It wasn't until disastrous relationship that I realised things were wrong, so I retrained."

Isle of Wight County Press: Andrew (left) and David (right) with Lucien Freud's painting.Andrew (left) and David (right) with Lucien Freud's painting. (Image: Isle of Wight County Press)

Isle of Wight County Press: David McAdam Freud with his work.David McAdam Freud with his work. (Image: Isle of Wight County Press)

Now, David is an artist in his own right. He met Andrew Conway-Hyde, who has a studio in Sandown, at school in Suffolk and the pair became friends.

"[The Island] is a place that I've loved over the years visiting and I find it extremely beautiful and when we do the larger shows, it's very secure in regards to getting large pieces off the Island", David says.

"And the fact that Andrew is here and he's able to sponsor this venture."

The gallery, at 60A, Union Street, will showcase work from different shows he's done throughout his career.

Over the next five years, visitors will be treated to new shows around every four to six months.

A Lucien Freud painting of art critic, Martin Gayford, will also feature.

For Andrew, who moved to the Island six years ago, having David onboard is "exciting".

"What we have is a continuation of what his father is still now famous for", he says.

Isle of Wight County Press: Andrew outside his new gallery.Andrew outside his new gallery. (Image: Isle of Wight County Press)

"He's a very very important British artist. But we have a very very important artist in the respect of David. Because he's an artist, there's a reason for it.

"People like David we need to keep because he is a continuance of what has always, and is still now, a very popular artist. And we're bringing him to the Isle of Wight."

Among the selection of abstract artists, photographers, and sculptors who will feature in the gallery include Annemarie Borg (artist and alternative photography), Alex Williams (artist and sculptor), Callum O'Connell (photographer and gallery owner of Alfie in the Air).

The gallery opens to the public today (Saturday, May 20).