Jennie Dix, Bembridge:

I read with interest Bob Seely’s recommendation (CP 09-06-23) that we all buy local wherever possible.

Whilst recognising the abundance of locally produced food and drink on the Island, I felt the letter did not acknowledge the financial situation of many people who live here.

For families and individuals who are living on a restricted budget, the purchase of locally grown produce can be prohibitively expensive making the cost cutting supermarkets or the Food Bank their only viable alternative.

The list of local produce that Mr Seely listed as being available in his local shop would be way out of the reach of many of the people he represents as the Island MP.

This is not a criticism of local producers who work hard to provide a wholesome and delicious alternative to mass produced food but a reflection of our MP’s inability to appreciate what it is like for individuals trying to feed themselves and their families on a limited budget which precludes what many would consider luxuries as opposed to everyday groceries.

For those who live on the Island, our abundance of good quality local produce is a thing to be proud of but it is important to remember that it is not within the financial reach of many and exhorting people to ‘buy local’ shows a lack of empathy for those who would if they could but they cannot through no fault of their own.