The world's last seaworthy paddle steamer is returning this year for another round of sailings across the Solent and around the Isle of Wight.

The Waverley, which last year celebrated its Diamond Jubilee, will be cruising back to the Isle of Wight this September and will stop on certain days at Ryde and at Yarmouth.

The world-famous paddle steamer has been operating since 1947 and has carried more than six million passengers in its lifetime.

For connoisseurs of old vessels and historical nautical operations, it's a pleasure to hear the telegraph sound, feel the water beneath you in a way that only an old boat like this can, and see the steam engine work all its gears to get things up and running.

PICTURES: Waverley paddle steamer at The Needles 2022

The steam-powered vessel doesn't just allow you a front row seat to experience some of the most sublime coastal scenery the Solent has to offer, but the inside boasts heated lounges and a selfservice restaurant.

The boat will sail to and from the following locations: Poole, Portsmouth, Ryde, Shoreham, Southampton, Swanage, and Yarmouth.

Tickets are now available, for dates between September 1 and 20.