Isle of Wight ferry firm Wightlink has said the Wightlink Users' Group (WUG) is not representative of its customer base and it 'does not recognise it'.

But it has refuted claims that it called WUG 'illegitimate and unauthorised'.

Three members of the WUG met Wightlink CEO, Keith Greenfield, Commercial Director, Phillip Delaney, and Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely on Thursday, July 13.

WUG said the agenda of the meeting was to discuss NHS patient travel.

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However, it claims 'right from the start it was made clear they had no intention of acknowledging us as a group.'

A post on Facebook said: "According to them our group is illegitimate/unauthorised; we are just a rabble rousing Facebook group whose members are simply there due to ‘click baiting'."

Wightlink said it "does not recognise the language attributed to us" by the group.

However, it said that the group, which has 3,700 members, is not representative of its users and it only agreed to a meeting at Mr Seely's request.

In a statement to the County Press, Keith Greenfield said: "We listen to the views of all our 3.8million customers by surveying 5,000 every month, holding regular Customer Forums and by meeting elected representatives on the Island.  

"We receive feedback from our customers on a daily basis and all customers are welcome to register to attend a Customer Forum, including members of WUG. 

"All customers’ views are equally important and for that reason we do not recognise any group as representing our customer base."

WUG said members suggested Wightlink offers a flat rate fare of £35 for all NHS customers.

The group, which is led by Bronwyn Hamilton Brown and can be found on Facebook, has recently staged a number of protests against Wightlink.

More than 100 people met on Ryde Esplanade on Saturday (July 15).

The group is calling for 'fairer fares' for residents.