I find Wightlink's policy of allowing cyclists to disembark their ferries ahead of motorists puzzling in the extreme and wonder what it is motivated by.

Clearly it can't be for safety reasons as allowing, for example 20 cycles off only to be overtaken by 60/70 cars, often on narrow roads makes absolutely no sense and is exposing cyclists to needless levels of danger.

I have pointed this out to Wightlink on a couple of occasions but never received a response despite advertising for customer feedback.

It makes me think that the policy is in some way motivated by a bizarre sense of political correctness which has been allowed to trump health and safety - imagine that!

We asked Wightlink for an explanation and a spokesperson said: "Cyclists embark first and their bikes remain at the forward end of car ferries to keep them apart from cars.

"This is for safety reasons and to avoid any damage to bikes or cars during the crossing. On arrival, they will disembark first."

We have additionally asked for clarification as to why cyclists go first, not last, and we await a response.