Donna Jones' brief pop-up exhibition, Antiquities, Treasure Past and Future, at Ryde Library was an unusual and captivating display that showcased a remarkable collection of artefacts and found objects, curated meticulously over the past eight years.

Visitors were surrounded by carefully-arranged works that adorned the walls and shelves.

The exhibition was themed around the idea of preserving messages - messages from the artist, and from donors and collaborators, all of which are concealed in the works, or displayed on them in cryptic ways - even in a novel written language devised by the artist.

Horrified by the cultural cleansing of ISIS in Iraq in 2015, Donna began collecting stories, poems and fragments of notation; and turning them into works of art.

From weathered coins and discarded letters to fragments of forgotten books, each item had a sense of nostalgia and significance.

Donna invited us to reconsider the value and meaning of the remnants of our past, and think about how messages from the past are carried on into the future.

Rusty metal sculptures stood in juxtaposition to delicate paper collages, creating a visual dialogue between different elements.

Donna's ability to imbue meaning and gravitas in the everyday and conventional is striking, and this collection from a prolific artist created a strong impression.

There were 69 paintings and over 300 created items. Every one was available for the price of a donation to the Soup Kitchen.

The exhibition has now closed.