Isle of Wight ferry firm Wightlink will continue late-night FastCat sailings into next year, CEO Keith Greenfield has confirmed.

The news was shared in an email with Island MP, Bob Seely.

Additional, late evening services between Portsmouth Harbour and Ryde Pier only returned in March.

It followed a petition signed by thousands of passengers asking the ferry firm to reinstate the sailings.

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Harriet Hadfield, a journalist, campaigned for the return, as did members of the Wightlink Users' Group.

At the time, Mr Seely, who has long campaigned for minimum services levels on cross-Solent travel, also welcomed the news.

The extra FastCat evening sailings currently run at the 9.20pm and 10.45pm from Portsmouth and 10pm and 11.10pm from Ryde.

Confirming news that they will be extended into next year, Mr Greenfield said: “Whilst our planning is still in progress, I can reassure you that the late evening Fast Cat services will remain in the timetable in 2024.”

Mr Seely said: "It’s good news for residents and means that passengers will continue to have more flexibility when returning either from Portsmouth or Ryde.

"I would like to thank all those who have campaigned on this issue."

He added that he will be working with the Isle of Wight Council on a shared statement regarding cross-Solent travel for September.

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He said it will outline what they believe the Island should expect from operators.

Recently Wightlink has come under fire for disruption caused by cancellations and delays.

Over the weekend, 32 crossings were cancelled on the FastCat service, while yesterday morning (Monday) there were delays on the Fishbourne to Portsmouth car ferry.