Dawn Jones, Whippingham:

Following on from previous correspondence regarding the high cost of ferry fares could I highlight that it is not just visitors who are being quoted such high fares. 

Visitors have the choice of visiting the Island but what of Island residents? 

I know there are offers from both Wightlink and Red Funnel

Buying a book of tickets from Wightlink I believe cuts the cost considerably, however, not everyone is in the position of spending a large amount of money to do this. 

Red Funnel offer their promotion codes which help Islanders but the cost of travelling to suit needs rather than Red Funnel can still be prohibitive.

Some Islanders need to commute to work on the mainland whilst others need to travel for hospital appointments. 

We have such a high percentage of over 60s, some of whom have retired here and all is well until ill-health or age take over and then they are stuck with family on the mainland who just can't afford to visit on a regular basis.

This then isolates an ageing person and ultimately costs the council with providing the help that they need.

Another issue is the lack of key workers on the Island. 

Not everyone wants to come and live here but the cost of taking up a position albeit in policing, health, education or care sector doesn't equate to the time and money spent travelling.

This issue has been ongoing ever since privatisation of the ferries and in recent years has considerably worsened. 

Unless decisive action is taken to address this appalling situation, then Islanders, the economy and future of the Island is dismal. 

Unless of course we have a fixed link!