Roland Payn, Chillerton:

I want to record my praise for a member of the Wightlink staff who was working on the 3.20pm Portsmouth/Fishbourne car ferry on Sunday, September 3.

On arrival in Fishbourne, the ramp for unloading vehicles became stuck which delayed our departure.

A member of staff, on the upper car deck where I was, walked along the deck to inform us about what had happened and to give reassurance that the problem was in hand and we would not be delayed for too long.

However, one passenger became irate and directed their fury at that member of staff who remained calm and continued to try to explain the situation despite the drawn out vocal assault.

Other passengers rallied round the member of staff with commendation for the reasoned manner in which the situation was dealt with.

Too often we hear complaints about the service we receive from large companies but on this occasion there was a shining example of a young employee displaying a cool head and dignified composure in the face of a shameful, thoughtless and unprovoked verbal attack.

I am sure, on this occasion, that employee was consoled by the fact that all the other passengers behaved in a reasonable manner and accepted the explanation and assurance they were given.