"I didn't even notice who he was. I just looked down and said 'sorry mate, the policy is no jeans or trainers'!"

An Isle of Wight man has recalled the moment he denied former heavyweight boxer, Frank Bruno, entry to an Island nightclub in the 1980s.

Roy Truman, from Ventnor, was working as a doorman at the Court Jester — formerly based at Sandown's Sandringham Hotel — when the famous sports star made a surprise appearance.

Roy, now 78, said he looked at Frank, saw he was wearing the wrong clothing and told him he could not come in.

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"I just really didn't recognise him", he said of the encounter, which he thinks happened in either 1984 or 1986.

"You don't expect a superstar to come in and walk into your club, do you?"

The former boxer, who Roy said was with two friends and was at the height of his career at the time, turned around and walked off, Roy said.

This was until someone pointed out who he was.

"The next person came and said 'do you know who that was'?

"I said 'no'. He said 'it's Frank Bruno'. I said 'oh right'.

"Anyway, the manager, who was Martin Hill at the time, heard about it and ran down the road and pulled him back in."

Frank came in and offered to pay, but Roy said he was told 'no, no you go sit down in the cocktail bar and enjoy yourself.'

Roy said the star was apologetic he had jeans on and was "a great character".

Roy said Frank had apparently come to the Island for a holiday and people told him they saw him on the beach sunbathing. 

Roy worked at the Court Jester, part-time, for about eight to ten years. Among other famous faces he encountered during his time there was presenter, Linda Lusardi.

He said the reason he was employed was because he knows martial arts. But that doesn't mean he would brave enough to take on Frank Bruno. 

"I think one punch he would've put me flat!", he said.

At 78, Roy, who is originally from Birmingham, no longer works on the doors and instead repairs car bonnets in Bonchurch.

Frank Bruno went on to have a stellar career, recording 40 wins in 45 fights.

The former boxer, who retired in 1996, lifted the lid on his action-packed career in the ring during a visit to the Isle of Wight last week.