David Mackney, East Cowes:

Although I would wish to support the outline proposals for the redevelopment of the East Cowes Red Funnel terminal, I feel very disappointed after attending the consultation last Saturday.

Several questions around the traffic direction proposals were merely deflected back as being a problem for the IW Council and Island Roads.

Traffic will apparently still be allowed but not encouraged to turn left out of the terminal, the alternative for those living off or past Old Road is to turn right, go to the roundabout with disembarking traffic and back into the traffic past the terminal exit/Waitrose exit.

This seems a very poor approach and clearly not one of working in partnership with local partners and businesses. 

Red Funnel's website stats suggest only two vehicles per ferry turn left at the at the roundabout and they have no idea where they go!

Following the consultation I put on my anorak and counted 15 cars turning left off one ferry, 11 of which went to Waitrose.

If Red Funnel would like to offer me a consultation fee for this information please do. 

Overall the proposals look great on paper, but there are no identified partners for the hotel/retail outlets, the line 'giving East Cowes its High Street back' is laughable as many empty retail units have been converted into flats and many others stand empty already sadly and will require major investment from a cash strapped council. 

Obviously all of these concerns may be addressed in the planning submission but it does feel like Red Funnel has drawn a line for the terminal side of the plans and everything else will be left to the community and council to live with and try to resolve.