Name and address supplied but withheld:

I have been visiting the Island since I was a child but now, aged 83, and in a wheelchair, provision for the disabled has become of some importance.

My concern is the condition and neglect of the disabled toilets.

Many of these are shabby, dirty and clearly not maintained with any regularity.

Many of these are accessed by Radar key and it is therefore unlikely that vandals are responsible for the poor condition.

Toilet bowls seem to have been made from the same concrete as garden bird baths and are badly marked with stale urine.

Toilet seats are a rarity and specialist disabled hand rails are often broken, missing or fixed in inaccessible positions.

From a disabled point of view many so called disabled toilets are quite unusable by someone who uses a wheelchair.

For a real shocker go to the purpose built toilet block at Appley Park seafront. By contrast check the disabled toilet at the Ferry terminal at Yarmouth.

From the expensive and attractive remodelling of the Pier seafront at Ryde, I can tell that money might not be the issue.

To those responsible for civic amenities at the councils, please, please give this matter your urgent attention...disabled locals and visitors deserve much better.