Jenny Crates, Freshwater:

Once upon a time fireworks were great fun, especially family ones in the garden with the pets safely shut in, and an exciting mix of rockets, cascades, bangers and sparklers.  Everyone joined in, and it was a happy time.

Not any more.  Excess is the name of the game. 

Fireworks were let off quite close to our home on Sunday evening and it was like the start of war. 

Bangs like mines exploding, explosions in the air to accompany what sounded like continuous gunfire, rockets that ended with a huge noise.

No wonder people are advised to keep their pets in. 

A friend's cat had just arrived to visit us, and the explosions began. 

He was absolutely terrified, and I couldn't find him to bring him to safety, there were just these desperate meows from the dark.

Thankfully he eventually turned up. But what about the stray animals, the wild animals and birds, who suddenly find themselves in the middle of terror? 

I found it awful enough and I knew what the noise was.

The huge and almost overwhelming fireworks are fine in the special displays that take place. 

But they are totally wrong for garden displays. 

If anyone reading agrees with this, please take the trouble to make your feelings known, perhaps to the press or to our MP. 

If we make enough noise, (a bit like the fireworks!) we will make a difference. 

It's worth it to help all the vulnerable creatures who need our help.