In 1797 a young man by the name of Legh Richmond came to the Island to act as curate for the churches of St Mary's, Brading and St John the Baptist in Yaverland.

Legh Richmond was born in Liverpool in 1772 and 25 years later found himself on the Island.

Following a year on the Island as curate he was fully ordained, and while serving in the area he gathered many stories based on some of the parishioners whom he served.

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Later in his career he found himself serving in Turvey, Bedfordshire, and it was during this period that he decided to write various short stories based on the parishioners he had served while on the Island.

These tales described how some of those people had overcome various difficulties and hurdles that had befallen them in life, this being his way of spreading his Christian message.

Stories such as Little Jane of Brading and Her Cottage, and Elizabeth Wallbridge the Dairyman's Daughter.

Many of these were published in a book entitled Annals of the Poor, a book that even Legh Richmond would never have believed could have gained so much success.

To date it is still being sold, over 250 years following its first publication, having sold over four million copies in 19 different countries.

Around the Island, you may still find reminders of Legh Richmond and his stories.

Arreton has the Dairyman's Daughter pub, and searching the churchyard of the local church you will find the grave of Elizabeth Wallbridge – the dairyman's daughter.

Visiting Brading churchyard, behind the church you will find the grave of little Jane, while walking along the footpath leading to the downs you come across little Jane's cottage .

Also inside St Marys of Brading a plaque is inscribed to the memory of the Reverend Legh Richmond, a vicar who sold over four million books.