As Brighstone's annual Christmas tree festival returns, the Isle of Wight County Press tree is sporting 12 brilliant baubles, designed by Islanders, as part of a special competition.

From a friendly reindeer to a cat jumping out a present and from a snowy scene to Father Christmas's tummy, the artwork is taking pride of place on our tree in Wilberforce Hall, until Sunday.

See them for yourself, at the free festival which takes in many locations, both around the village and in Calbourne.

We loved the creativity shown in the hundreds of entries that poured into our office, on Pyle Street in Newport.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Isle of Wight County Press: Leo, left and Jovi, rightLeo, left and Jovi, right (Image: IWCP)

Isle of Wight County Press: Kimi, left and Bronwyn, right.Kimi, left and Bronwyn, right. (Image: IWCP)

It was a tricky task to pick just 12, but we can now reveal our winners.

From Lanesend Primary in Cowes, Millie designed a lovely snowy scene, featuring reindeer and an snowman and classmate, Maia sent an inspired design, featuring a reindeer, and Father Christmas's sleigh, flying overhead.

From Medina House School, Jovi's jolly Christmas Tree boasted big baubles and lively tinsel.

Isle of Wight County Press: Pam Lawn, left and Matthew, rightPam Lawn, left and Matthew, right (Image: IWCP)

Isle of Wight County Press: Alexis's was The Grinch inspiredAlexis's was The Grinch inspired (Image: IWCP)

From St Blasius Primary, Matthew designed a fabulous Father Christmas's tummy bauble, which the judges loved, expressing his delight with a high five, when he was handed his prize (some chocolate treats).

From Wroxall Primary, Kimi's yellow Christmas scene, with a cat jumping out present and Bronwyn's Christmas tree painting were inspired.

From Barton Primary, Alexis's Grinch was inspired by a shopping trip, while Leo designed Father Christmas popping out a chimney.

Isle of Wight County Press: Lavya, left and Seren, right.Lavya, left and Seren, right. (Image: IWCP)

Isle of Wight County Press: The 12 winning baubles of Christmas The 12 winning baubles of Christmas (Image: IWCP)

Lavya's beautiful design meant her Christmas bauble, complete with Father Christmas, shone.

Pam Lawn created a bauble showing society's need and inspiring us to think of the children, this Christmas, while Mary Hill used jewels to make her delicate bauble stand out.  

Seren's entry was a terrific mosaic design, which literally popped out at us.

We can't thank you enough and if you didn't win, pop by our office this weekend. You might see your design in our windows, helping bring us some Christmas cheer.