ONE of the biggest losses in the wake of a major landslip in Bonchurch was Isle of Wight beauty spot Devil’s Chimney.

It succumbed to Sunday's devastating landslip in Bonchurch, the Isle of Wight Council confirmed on Tuesday.

Around 70ft of land sank on Sunday night, at around 9.20pm, when part of the cliff behind Smugglers Haven cafe completely collapsed.

The path connecting the chimney to the coastal path and the section of coastal path beneath the slip is also feared lost.

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It means, The Wishing Seat and The Shelter, on the footpaths below Leeson Road, are likely to have been destroyed.

Here, we have a collection of images submitted by County Press readers; treasured memories of a location now consigned to the history books.

The beauty spot, which was popular among walkers, leads to the Bonchurch Landslip nature reserve, below Smugglers Haven.

Do you have memories of Devil's Chimney? Maybe you celebrated a birthday, just loved walking or even popped the question there?

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It is run by Gift to Nature, on behalf of the Isle of Wight Council. 

“Over the years my wife and I have passed through the Devil’s Chimney on many occasions,” said County Press reader Peter Hiles.

“Mainly down, but occasional up, I might add. 

“There is one event that sticks in my mind, even to this day.

“We had walked down the steps and squeezed through the crack at the bottom only to find a man and his wife waiting, each with their bicycles.

“The man said how far was the road away and I replied: not far, about 50 metres, but it’s straight up.

“The man then promptly went into the crack and came back a few minutes later.

“He picked up his bicycle, which luckily was a lightweight racer, and held it above his head and disappeared into the crack, reappearing a few minutes later and repeating the exercise with his wife’s bicycle.

“I always thought such cyclists rather extreme, but to take two cycles up 100 steps or more from the bottom on the coastal path takes some beating.”