A charity that saves Isle of Wight lives, as well as those across the country, will be 200 years old in 2024.

The RNLI - that charity that saves lives at sea - has existed on the Island for more than 160 years.

To mark this milestone, Isle of Wight author, speaker and lifeboat historian Noel Stimson has written a lavishly illustrated book, The Lifeboat Heritage of the Isle of Wight.

It is available from local outlets across the Island, and all proceeds will be given to the RNLI.

Noel said: “When I became the Island’s RNLI lifeboat heritage officer, I was presented with an amazing collection of photographs of Island lifeboats and lifeboat stations.

"I felt these should not merely be archived but should be seen and enjoyed by the many who care about our Island’s maritime history.

"I am proud to dedicate it to all those extraordinary people who save lives at sea as the RNLI celebrates its bicentenary.”

The Isle of Wight has been pivotal in RNLI history, with over 400 lifeboats built in Cowes and East Cowes shipyards, plus for 60 years, the RNLI’s Inshore Lifeboat Centre at East Cowes has built, maintained and repaired over 1,800 inshore lifeboats.

Chair of the Isle of Wight RNLI Lifeboat Board, Robin Ebsworth, said: “Noel’s unique collection of photographs form an outstanding record of Islanders’ contribution to lifesaving around our coasts.

"They show the evolution of lifeboat design, help commemorate those brave crews and lives lost in saving others and are a significant contribution to the RNLI’s 200th anniversary year.”