Marianne Rumens, Bembridge:

What an absolute disgraceful experience l received from Wightlink on December 27.

Returning home to the Isle of Wight the day that Storm Gerrit started to make its entrance, I departed from Surrey at 9.20am for the 12 noon ferry from Gunwharf, the visibility due to constant drizzle, low cloud, and wind not ideal, especially in Portsmouth where the traffic was becoming extremely busy.

Upon arrival l drove to the second checkpoint where l could see a member of staff - the first was an unmanned ramp.

I spoke to the lady, her reply was that this is cargo and I would have to exit and go to the passenger entry.

l asked her where. She said she was dealing with cargo not passengers.

The passenger entry was just behind me. So l departed and the sat nav had me driving all around Portsmouth again to the same place where l had just left! 

I become agitated and drove up the unmanned ramp to the checkpoint for passengers to be told I was too late and £25 will have be paid!

By this time l was beyond hope - l had already paid £183.25, now an extra £25 plus VAT making it £27.50 - a grand total of £210.75. 

I complained as politely as possible, saying l am an aged pensioner and l am not wealthy.

The young lass rang for help and guess who came along? The lady who knew nothing about passengers, only cargo!