American folk singer, Melanie, once described by Isle of Wight Festival boss, John Giddings, as 'fantastic', has died aged 76.

The musician made appearances at the Isle of Wight Festival in both 1970 and 2010. The latter also featured her son, Beau Jarred Schekeryk and a host of singers from the Island's Medina Choir.

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Known for Brand New Key and her cover of the Rolling Stones' Ruby Tuesday, her death was confirmed to the PA news agency by her label, Cleopatra Records, through Glass Onyon PR.

In 1969, Melanie Safka played Woodstock, before travelling to the Isle of Wight a year later.

When the Isle of Wight Festival was rebooted, John Giddings was delighted to welcome her back and during an interview, in 2010, said: "Forty years later, Melanie is coming back. I thought she was fantastic then and those songs are still good today."

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On Facebook, Melanie’s children Leilah, Jeordie and Beau Jarred said: “She was one of the most talented, strong and passionate women of the era and every word she wrote, every note she sang reflected that."

Born in, New York, in 1947, Melanie’s mother was a jazz singer.

Later, Melanie played at Greenwich Village coffee houses, also known to be frequented by Bob Dylan, before meeting her manager and subsequent husband, Peter Schekeryk.

Melanie made her recording debut as a backing vocalist on her composition, Love In My Mind, for 1960s girl group Mommy.

In the 1967, she released Beautiful People and Garden In The City, with Columbia Records.

In 1970, she released Lay Down (Candles in The Rain), with the gospel group Edwin Hawkins Singers, before also putting out Peace Will Come What Have They Done To My Song Ma and The Nickel Song along with a cover of The Rolling Stones’ hit Ruby Tuesday.

She formed Neighbourhood Records – one of the first female-owned independent record makers – and released Brand New Key.

Melanie’s final tour was in late 2022 and a new, live performance album, One Night Only – The Eagle Mountain House had just been announced.

(Reporting by IWCP/PA)