Would you like to look around some eco-friendly homes?

Be inspired, at Wight Community Energy's Green Open Homes event.

Six eco-friendly homes will be open for public visits during the last weekend of February (February 24 and 25) and the second weekend of March (March 9 and 10).

It will give people the opportunity to see first hand the technology available.

The aim of the event is to demystify the techniques and technologies that "make our homes more comfortable, cheaper to run, and less impactful on the environment" and to help interested people find out more about them.

The selection of properties open includes three new builds and three renovated properties, giving visitors the chance to see the different pathways to energy efficient homes.

To book a place, go to https://wight.greenopenhomes.net/green-homes-on-wight-285

Event organiser Stephen Cockett said:  “It has been a real pleasure meeting the participating homeowners and visiting their homes.

"I really wish that I’d had the chance to speak to people on these topics before starting my own home renovation.

"Of course, you can learn a huge amount online and from skilled installers, but nothing beats having conversations with those who have been through the process first-hand.”