Designs for repairs are already in progress and more mud might move today, say Isle of Wight building experts who have been at the site of Ventnor's latest landslide.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said the incident was 'small' and a failure of a retaining wall happened in January.

The spokesperson said: “Following an initial council visit at the site, at 8am this morning, there appears to have been a small landfall at the rear of a private property.

"Currently, there is no impact on the road, which will remain closed pending further review by Island Roads."

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"During the site visit, we engaged with residents to provide updates.

"Additionally, we have spoken with the owners of the property affected, who emphasise that the retaining wall failure occurred in January.

"While some additional material has come down, comprehensive surveys have been conducted, and engineering designs for repair are already in progress.

"We anticipate that more mud may move today; however, it is unlikely to cause any immediate issues."

A site visit will take place later today (Saturday), to further assess the area and the situation is being monitored.

The Isle of Wight Council says risk is low and if that changes, residents will be made aware.

Zig Zag Road is closed, between Bellevue Road and Ocean View Road.