The UK's oldest theme park Blackgang Chine has teased the arrival of a new attraction at its Isle of Wight amusement park.

After revealing Robin Hill's Colossus would be relocating there, Vectis Ventures, which runs the park, has now revealed it has another 'card up its sleeve'.

In a newsletter sent to subscribers, it said Blackgang's latest arrival is 'one that we are sure will have you jumping for joy and iScreaming for more.'

It has left Islanders guessing what the new addition could be.

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On social media, some have suggested it could be another attraction swapping Robin Hill for Blackgang Chine, after the Downend country park was put up for sale.

There has been speculation the 'jumping' could refer to the Ripple water pillow, which proved popular among the younger visitors to Robin Hill.

One commenter said they thought the pillow would be placed near to the iScream parlour at Blackgang, where rollercoaster Cliffhanger used to be.

While another comment, which was left underneath a Facebook live video, guessed it is the cow train from Robin Hill.

The comment was liked by the Blackgang Facebook page and replied to with '🤔🤔🤔'.

Other comments mention the 4D cinema.

To make way for the arrival of the rebranded Colossus, the pirate fort playground at Blackgang has been demolished.

In a Facebook live video, Laura Baxter, from the park, explained: "These attractions have a very natural lifespan. They are made from wood and after a certain amount of time, they will deteriorate to a point that they will be replaced.

"We have some very exciting artist concept work coming out which we will show you why this is the perfect place [for the swinging boat]."

On the new attraction, she said it will be something the "little ones" will love.

As reported earlier this month, Robin Hill is currently under offer.