As of January 26, 2024, ‘All of Us Strangers’ hit cinemas around the Isle of Wight - and the rest of the world.

The movie caused a rush of people to leave the cinema with wet eyes and broken hearts.

If you haven’t watched it yet, head to your local cinema and experience the exceptionality that this movie is.

**Spoiler alert - don't read further if you haven't yet seen the movie**

To tell you a bit about it, Andrew Scott plays Adam, the main protagonist of the story.

He is a screenwriter living in London in a small apartment complex that has almost been cleared out by its residents.

However, living in that same complex is Harry, who is played by Paul Mescal. 

Deeper into the movie, we are introduced to Adam's mum, who is played by Claire Foy and his dad, played by Jamie Bell. A range of amazing actors throughout the whole film.

On the surface, the movie is about Adam and his relationship with his newfound neighbour, Harry.

However, as the movie continues, we begin to see how his relationships continues to reconstruct themselves based on his encounters with his parents in his childhood home, as well as a budding relationship with Harry.

The movie encapsulates the feeling of longing and heartbreak between romantic and familial relationships.

‘All of Us Strangers’ starts off with Adam feeling like he is failing at his career and Harry knocking on his door offering a friend (or maybe more) for the night, beginning a domino effect that pierces his daily routine.

However, Adam denies his offer and gets back to looking at photos of his parents and reminiscing about the past, although he regrets denying Harry's earlier offer and continues to think of him. 

Luckily, he bumps into him again in the elevator a few days later and that kicks off a sweet romantic relationship between the two of them. All the while, Adam is visiting his parents at his childhood home and catching them up on his own life. 

A party leads to drug taking and a huge reveal about Adam's parents - as well as some shocking twists - prompting tears and heartfelt emotions. 

"On the whole, it was a great movie representing the emotions that come with grief and also the LGBT community,” said Libby Hill, after watching the movie. 

It can be interpreted differently, dependent upon how the movie has impacted you.

The film may be relatable to your sense of identity, whether it be through the LGBT representation, loneliness, or isolation.

Just know that there are people out there who would help you at the snap of a finger.