Charity shops  - including the Isle of Wight's - have lined British high streets for decades.

But will they feel the effects of the latest trends amongst young shoppers: fast fashion and thrifting?

Although the two trends seem to oppose one another, they both prioritise saving money, something that charity shops have been doing for over 70 years.

This appeal for money and environmental sustainability amongst the next generation of consumers has subsequently drawn them into second hand stores.

I spoke to Mandy Ingham, Manager of Age UK Newport, an employee of nine years, who was able to give me her first hand encounter with changing fashion trends. 

She said: "I would say that we tend to get more younger people coming in, looking for bargains and trends. 

"Being Age UK, people tend to associate us with having older people's things, but we don’t, We have a good mix right across the board."

Mandy emphasised the importance of demolishing the stereotypes surrounding charity shops, encouraging people to try and visit one- you never know what you might find there!

"After Covid-19, a lot of people reverted to online shopping: Shien, Boohoo, Temu.

"We get a lot of those items come through." she said.

The problem is, these fast fashion brands don’t tend to stay in wardrobes very long. 

Styles change.

If they rip, they don't cost much to replace.

Fast fashion means if an item is not quite right, it may not be worn at all and as a result, masses of clothing items are thrown out, or sold second hand.

With the rise of second hand clothing marketplaces online, charity shops have a new competitor. 

"Social media is something that has hit us a little bit," says Mandy.

"You’ve got Vinted and all these other places, readily available."However charity shops still have a charm that a virtual experience can’t quite replicate, plus they don’t charge for shipping!

Whether you shop at charity shops or not, they are an integral part of the community; supporting many who can't afford to buy big name brands and giving the proceeds to charity.  

Seeing young people embrace the multitude of amazing clothing available at these shops provides hope for the future of fashion.