An Isle of Wight drug driver was caught over the limit and pulled over the day before his wedding.

Dean Jones, of Slade Road, Ryde, appeared before Isle of Wight magistrates on Friday, March 1.

The 43-year-old admitted drug driving on East Hill Road in Ryde, on September 1, 2023.

Prosecutor, Munayah Hussan, said two police officers were on patrol when they noticed a car travelling at excessive speed.

Ms Hussan said Jones drove a Ford Focus at around 40mph in a 30mph zone, and when stopped, he was found to be the only person in the vehicle.

The court heard Jones tested positive for cannabis, registering a reading of 3.5 for THC when the specified limit is 2.

Jones, representing himself, said he had been on the Island for seven years and brought his children over for a better start.

He said he was pulled over the day before his wedding.

He said he used cannabis to help him sleep.

Jones told magistrates he had a small joint in the morning but did not smoke in his car.

Jones was fined £120 and disqualified from driving for 12 months, with costs of £85 and a £45 surcharge.