Red Funnel has confirmed that its Isle of Wight to Southampton Red Jet passenger ferry service will remain suspended until at least Tuesday (March 19).

The cross-Solent travel operator announced that after an 'unexpected technical issue was encountered' with Red Jet 7, the service will remain cancelled this weekend.

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On Monday, Red Funnel says an alternative service will operate between Cowes and Southampton, with an extended crossing time of 50 minutes.

The timetable will run as follows:

From Southampton: 7am, 9am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. 

From Cowes: 6am, 8am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

Earlier today (Saturday, March 16), the Red Jet was running a revised timetable following a 'water jet issue' with Red Jet 6.

However, due to a 'technical issue with the starboard Jet room' on Red Jet 7, the service was suspended entirely at lunchtime.

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Both Red Jet vessels are now docked in Southampton, alongside elusive Red Jet 4.

This evening, hundreds of passengers are stranded in Southampton, with affected Red Jet passengers waiting alongside vehicle ferry customers after Red Falcon suffered a fault.

Several vehicle sailings were cancelled, and the service now runs 30 minutes behind schedule, with Red Osprey being the fleet's only active vessel.