Carol Barry, Chichester:

I was inconvenienced on Saturday (March  16) by the cancellation of the 13:15 Red Jet service to Southampton.

The Red Jet staff member was very apologetic and advised me to take the 13:30 car ferry.

This was not easy as I had broken my right heel last year and was unable to walk very quickly to East Cowes.

However, everyone was so helpful from the staff on the floating bridge to the Red Funnel staff onboard and did absolutely everything to help the situation.

There were many angry passengers, understandably. One particular lady was screaming at a staff member (and other passengers) saying that her life was being ruined.

She had a very important meeting apparently. What I don't understand is (and I say this as someone who worked at Heathrow Airport for 25 years), if, why an appointment is so important, why not leave earlier instead of leaving it until the last crossing and then screaming at people when things go wrong?

I would like to say well done to all the staff on that crossing.

They handled a very difficult situation admirably.

It is not their fault when technical problems occur.