Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely is urging West Wight residents to participate in a free slow-drain water butt scheme for environmental preservation and reducing storm overflows.

Mr Seely is distributing letters to homes in Freshwater, Totland, and Yarmouth,  explaining the scheme.

He said: "Working with others on the Island, we’ve persuaded Southern Water to make the Isle of Wight an example of national best practice for cleaning up the water environment.

“In total, the firm has allocated £230 million to the Island’s sewage network. Many of the schemes that will roll-out across the country will be trialled here first. We will see improvements first.

“We know that water butts are effective at reducing storm overflows. In 2022, a trial was conducted of slow-drain water butts in Havenstreet.

"After two-thirds of eligible residents accepted the butt, ‘spills’ from Havenstreet pumping station declined by 70 per cent.”

So far, slow-drain water butts have been installed in gardens in Cowes, East Cowes, Fishbourne, Gurnard, Northwood and Wootton.

Water butts will be offered to Freshwater, Totland, and Yarmouth residents whose properties are attached to the combined sewer system.

Engineers from Southern Water, equipped with identification, will provide free installations.

Southern Water will be holding a drop-in session for residents to answer questions and update on progress on March 19 at the Isle of Wight Community Club in Cowes from 6pm to 8pm.