Getting married, holding a funeral or being cremated on the Isle of Wight has just got more expensive.

The Isle of Wight Council has increased the prices of its registrar services as well as cremations, burials and memorials, by roughly six per cent — which it says is in line with inflation.

Overall, the hikes, which came into effect on April 1, will make the authority an extra £137,000 a year.

Getting married or having a civil partnership will now cost between £560 and £665, depending on the day the ceremony is held — up from between £520 and £625.

The cost of doing so at the council's offices at Seaclose, in Newport, has stayed the same at £150.

The cost of registering premises as a licenced venue for marriages and civil partnerships has risen to £2,270, up by £125.

At the Isle of Wight Crematorium in Whippingham, the fee for a 25-minute adult single service will now cost £1,259, an increase of £90.

The price of a direct cremation, with no service and no attendees, has gone up by £39 to £689.

The online streaming of a cremation service has also increased to £70.

Adult burials have risen to £1,629, the cost of a full grave space is now £1,143 and the fee for a headstone is either £211 or £436 depending on the size.

The full lists of prices are available on the council's website.