A flood alert has been issued for the Isle of Wight's coast, due to a combination of a higher than normal tide and forecast strong winds.

High tide is at about 10.30pm tonight (Saturday) and will reach around five metres, in Cowes.

The Environment Agency says south westerly Force 5 gusts are also expected.

The agency says, for an hour either side of high water, very minor impact flooding will affect some seafront roads, esplanades and car parks across the Island.

Water will be high on slipways in Cowes, affecting Medina Road and the Floating Bridge.

It recommends flood protection is installed at Medina Road, close to the Cowes/East Cowes chain ferry, around an hour before high tide.

In East Cowes, water forced up through drains may cause 'very minor impacts' to Albany Road.

Sunday morning's tide will reach around 4.8 metres, meanwhile.

"It is unlikely that it will cause flooding to property.

"We may issue further advice tomorrow," said the Environment Agency.