An American-style restaurant in Ryde on the Isle of Wight has been handed a one-star food hygiene rating — its second in just two years.

Following a visit to AJ's Diner, at Victoria Arcade on February 23, environmental health inspectors from the Isle of Wight Council deemed that 'major improvement' is once again necessary.

Inspectors saw a member of staff handling raw burgers and then touching bread rolls, without washing their hands. The rolls were disposed of during the visit.

Workers were being 'discouraged or prevented' from washing their hands in the kitchen basin, because of paperwork being stored on top of it, a council report found.

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There were also phone charging cables hanging near the basin and a 'small build-up' of dust had gathered around the rim.

Unwrapped raw burgers were discovered to be in the freezer on top of jacket potatoes and next to bread, and a temperature probe, used for monitoring food temperatures, was also not being sanitised before and after each use.

Inspectors said this could have created a risk of food poisoning through cross contamination.

On hygiene and safety compliance, it was found that 'immediate action' is required and 'more effort is needed to prevent a fall in standards'.

During the visit, inspectors found that food was also not being dated because the diner had run out of labels.

Other issues raised during the inspection included the seal to the fridge and freezer in the kitchen being split.

Inspectors told the diner its Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points principals were not up to date and these should be reviewed to reflect its current practices.

Isle of Wight County Press: AJ's Diner, Ryde, Isle of Wight.AJ's Diner, Ryde, Isle of Wight. (Image: IWCP)

AJ's diner was also given a one-star food hygiene rating in February last year.

On that occasion, inspectors noted the general standard of hygiene was satisfactory, but found various unclean hand-contact surfaces and 'greasy areas' behind the fryers.

Controls and monitoring procedures were also not in place during critical points, including the cooling of high-risk foods and the cooking of burgers.

The County Press has contacted AJ's Diner for comment.