Specialist equipment to determine whether a main road between Shanklin and Ventnor on the Isle of Wight can reopen could finally be installed next week, four months after the route was closed due to one of the largest landslides ever recorded in the south of England.

Data from nearly 30 pieces of equipment will be used to monitor movement on Leeson Road.

It will also allow the Isle of Wight Council and Island Roads to check "any widening of existing cracks."

The upper section of Leeson Road has remained shut since the catastrophic landslip in December 2023.

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Around 16 hectares of land in Bonchurch was displaced, leaving a cafe teetering on the edge and homes evacuated.

Here's how to access the council's new Leeson Road webpage

To access the council's new Leeson Road webpage, click HERE.

Following the landslide, it was recommended Leeson Road stays shut until equipment is installed and more is known about the risk of further movement — especially given heavy rainfall in recent months.

Last month, residents hit out at a 'lack of urgency' in installing the equipment and questioned why it had not been done yet.

At the time, the council said "the monitoring equipment and locations is extensive" and apologised for the length of time it has taken.

Now, the council said preparatory work will be undertaken next week, followed by the installation of the equipment itself.

A spokesperson said this is subject to no further movement, favourable weather and the necessary permissions being given to install the equipment on private land.

Natasha Dix, service director for waste, environment and planning, said: “As we told residents at the public meeting in Ventnor last month, because of the catastrophic nature of the landslip and the ongoing heavy and prolonged rainfall, we need to understand more about the risk of further movement before we can make an informed decision on the next steps at Leeson Road.

“This equipment will be a crucial part of that process.

"While we cannot second-guess what that data will be, we can assure the community that we will continue to keep residents and businesses informed along the way."

The council and Island Roads have also created a new webpage to highlight the latest information on Leeson Road and other access issues in and around Ventnor, including at Newport Road and Gills Cliff Road.