Leading Isle of Wight councillors will meet, on April 18, to consider the future of a major planning document.

When it is finally agreed, the Island Planning Strategy will shape what and where development takes place in future, with an impact on green spaces, commercial development and job opportunities.

The document also proposes a reduction in the number houses needed each year, by 25 per cent to 486,  and addresses what type of accommodation is built.

In documents published ahead of the meeting, the recommendation is to agree a series of amendments.

They were suggested by other councillors and at meetings of the Policy and Scrutiny Committee for Neighbourhoods and Regeneration, and the Corporate Scrutiny Committee.

Cabinet members are being advised to make the updates before recommending the changed policy to the Full Council.

If it is voted through, Islanders would be consulted and it would be submitted to the government.

This could be the last hurdle for a report that has proved to be controversial.

So far, the agreement has taken seven years and cost £660,000.

It is also recommended the Isle of Wight Council's Director of Communities, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Planning, Coastal Protection and Flooding, be allowed to finalise the report themselves, as long as there are no major changes.