A number of smooth-hound sharks have been found dead on beaches across the Isle of Wight.

From Thorness to Compton Bay, Islanders have reported finding the shallow water species washed up.

Laura Ball was out walking on the beach at Thorness Bay yesterday (Thursday), when she saw five of them lying on the shore.

She told the County Press: "They were all quite big and there were a few smaller ones. It was so sad."

Isle of Wight County Press: Smooth-hound washed up at Thorness BaySmooth-hound washed up at Thorness Bay (Image: Laura Ball)

She said she checked to see if any were alive so she could put them back in the water, but, sadly, they weren't.

"My six-year-old is a huge shark lover so he was so upset", she said.

Meanwhile, Sophie Louise was also walking along the same beach and said she saw eight of the shark species washed up. 

Charity Shark Trust has confirmed some are Starry smooth-hounds, which can be identified by their speckled white spots.

Here's what to do if you spot a smooth-hound washed up

To report a smooth-hound or other shark species washed up, head to the Shark Trust app or use the online recording form, HERE.

Other recent sightings have also been reported at Compton Bay and on the beach near Quarr Abbey.

Shark Trust told the County Press that while it may not be the most common thing to see, it is also not unusual for sharks to be found washed up on the shore.

Isle of Wight County Press: Smooth-Hound on the beach at Thorness.Smooth-Hound on the beach at Thorness. (Image: Sophie Louise)

A spokesperson said: "Smooth-hounds (and other species of small shark) can be found on the shore for a variety of reasons.

"They may have died from natural causes, such as predation or illness, or they may have been caught as bycatch and discarded by recreational or commercial fishing operations.  

"We understand that finding these can be distressing, but recording where sharks are washed up on the shore is very useful information for shark conservation."