Waste built up at Lynnbottom Tip today when a mechanical issue meant the rubbish couldn't be properly processed.

Islanders arriving to deposit their rubbish found most of the skips were full and closed off, including the garden waste, and some had to take their rubbish back home with them.

Others complained that all the rubbish was going into one skip, rather than being separated into different sections for recycling.

The Isle of Wight Council said it was due to an issue with a plant material handler, which processes the waste and loads vehicles in the Waste Transfer Station.

A spokesperson said: "We were unable to load vehicles in the Waste Transfer Station. While our waste provider worked on an interim solution the site continued to manage the bin stock to ensure there was capacity and availability but this did slow down the process and cause delays.

“Our waste provider has temporarily hired a replacement handler while the other is being repaired. Skips are now being emptied as normal. 

“We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and wish to reassure residents that any mixed waste will be separated back out and sent for recycling.

"Can we also take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their amazing recycling efforts with 99 per cent of waste diverted from landfill according to Defra (December 2020 figures)."