Residents in Gunville on the Isle of Wight have been left "furious" after roadworks blocked their driveways and saw their gas supply cut off, for days.

Some of those living on Gunville Road and Priory Road claim they were not notified in advance of the road outside their homes being dug up.

WightFibre, which is responsible for the works, said damage was caused to the gas and water supply.

A spokesperson has said sorry for disruption and said repairs have since been made.

While works are carried out, barriers have been erected outside some properties on the road and temporary traffic lights are in place.

John Pearce, who lives there, said over the weekend he was left with a blocked driveway and no gas.

"My car was stuck on the drive and I couldn't get out", he said.

"I didn't know the gas was cut off until the evening because I went to fry some eggs.

"I couldn't shower."

John said his gas and access to his drive were eventually restored at the beginning of this week, but he feels he and his neighbours should have been told about the works prior to them starting.

Isle of Wight County Press: Temporary lights on Gunville Road.Temporary lights on Gunville Road. (Image: IWCP)

As well as having blocked driveways, other residents reported losing water supplies.

A spokesperson for WightFibre said: "Our teams followed all the procedures including using ground radar, however despite every effort being taken to avoid it, unfortunately damage was caused to a gas and a water supply.

"Both which have since been repaired.

"We have been advised by SGN that the materials required for the repair had to be brought from the mainland and this led to the repair taking more time to complete.

"We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption."

Work is expected to continue further along the road in the coming days.