A former Isle of Wight man whose “bump on the head” turned out to be potentially deadly melanoma is taking part in a ground-breaking clinical cancer trial.

Music teacher Steve Young, 52, who used to live in Shanklin and will be performing at the Isle of Wight Festival in June, said he was shocked to discover he had cancer, especially after being told by medical professionals that it was 'nothing serious'.

He is now part of a trial led by University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) involving a Moderna mRNA anti-cancer jab combined with MSD’s immunotherapy drug, Keytruda.

The jab is custom-built for each person to tell the immune system to hunt down and kill cancer.

Now living in Stevenage, Mr Young, who received a jab at UCLH just a few weeks ago, told the PA news agency he had the bump on his head for around 10 years.

Isle of Wight County Press:

“I really started to notice it at the end of 2022. The bump just felt bigger and I was more aware of it", he said.

On the advice of his friend, a retired GP, Mr Young went to see his doctor and claims he was told it wasn't anything to worry about. He was booked in with a dermatologist anyway.

But, after being told he would have to wait 10 months for an appointment, he eventually went to a private mole check clinic.

Following a fast-track referral for suspected cancer, he said he saw a NHS dermatologist and a trainee who again told him the bump was nothing to worry about.

Mr Young underwent an operation to have it removed, coming away with seven stitches in his head and thinking that was the end to his worries.

However, two weeks later, Mr Young was called back in and was told to bring somebody with him.

He said: “I went in and they told me that it was a 4.1mm nodular melanoma, which had been misdiagnosed now by five people.

Isle of Wight County Press: Steve YoungSteve Young (Image: PA Media)

 “I literally spent two weeks just thinking ‘this is it’. My dad died of emphysema when he was 57 and I actually thought ‘I’m going to die younger than my dad’.”

When he was told about the trial at UCLH, Mr Young said it “really triggered my geek radar” and he was "really excited to take part".

He said: “I feel privileged to be involved in a such an important trial.”

Aside from the trial, Mr Young will also be playing in the Kashmir tent at this year's Isle of Wight Festival.

A date and time is yet to be announced.