Martin Banbury, Hamble, Hampshire:

We have just had a pleasant week cycling around the Isle of Wight, based in Cowes.

It is a beautiful Island. Unfortunately we will not be coming back because of the unnecessary road closures and will recommend to everyone we know that the Isle of Wight is anti-car. 

We accept that roads do sometimes need to be closed. But the department and individuals at the council responsible for road closures seem to be closing roads that don’t need to be, then are putting road closed signs randomly all over the Island.

In every single case, the road was either not closed at all (!) or was navigable. 

This suggests an unacceptable attitude at the council. Who cares about drivers?  

We realise this letter is almost certainly a waste of time.

Loads of people must have complained in the past because this won’t be a new problem.