A 'green lung' piece of land in Seaview on the Isle of Wight is once again subject to proposed housing, but fresh plans have been met with around 100 objections.

Up until November 2022, what is locally known as 'The Donkey Field', to the rear of Solent View Road, was owned by the prestigious Eton College - the former school of ex Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In 2020, the college sparked outrage having felled an ancient oak tree on the land to make way for housing.

After backlash and council refusals however, plans were later withdrawn.

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Now, under the ownership of Surejust Limited, new proposals have been submitted for the land.

This time, permission is sought for one, three-bedroom home, equipped with a patio.

Outside there would also be ancillary infrastructure and landscaping, including a 'kitchen garden'.

To date, the application has received more than 100 objections.

The application states that the development "preserves and enhances" existing sea views from the public bridleway by setting aside an area of land with public access and a dedicated public bench, but Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council claims this would not be the case.

It argues the development would have a 'detrimental effect' on a site of 'significant local value'.

Access to the development would be from Seagrove Farm Road, but some comments pointed out the bridleway is "narrow" and "unmade".

The Isle of Wight Council's Public Rights of Way team said some points had not been addressed, including introducing adequate traffic calming measures.

However, Island Roads considered proposals to be acceptable, saying it does not believe the development would result in "a material increase on the trip generation to and from the application site or cause demonstrable harm to highway safety".

To view the plans, you can visit the council's planning register and search 24/00510/FUL.