A serial offender recently released from prison hurled a "catalogue of abuse" at his former partner on the Isle of Wight after being told he could not see their daughter, even threatening to send drug debt collectors round her grandmother's house.

Joshua Honan-Parr, of Ocean View Road, Ventnor, appeared at the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Friday, May 31.

On January 19, 2024, he pleaded guilty to harassment in fear of violence.

Prosecutor, Tim Devlin, told court that Parr's ex partner received various texts and calls from him on December 8 last year.

Police attended an address in Sandown and gave advice to her grandmother, whose house she was at.

Honan-Parr, who had been out of prison for less than a month at the time, called her 30 times.

When she told him to stop and said she was blocking him, he threatened to assault her and smash the place up, Mr Devlin said.

He said he was in substantial drug debt and would tell the people he owed money to, that it was at her grandmother's.

Kate Davies, defending, said while the 25-year-old admits he made threats, he said the former couple had a "volatile" relationship.

Having been in custody for the past five months, he has had time to reflect and knows his actions were impulsive and that he should and could have done things differently, she said.

At the time of the offending, he was told he could not see his daughter and he did not cope well with that, court heard.

Ms Davies said a breakdown in the relationship was the trigger of the offending and he wants to be there for his daughter in the future.

Recorder Malcolm Gibney said his partner did not deserve the catalogue of abuse that he threw at her, including threats to kill.

With 17 previous convictions for 49 offences, he said Honan-Parr should know "full well" the implications of such actions.

However, he said he accepted that there was genuine remorse.

Honan-Parr was sentenced to 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, and given a three year restraining order.