Renowned folk duo, Winter Wilson, will perform on the Isle of Wight, at Medina Bookshop in Cowes, on June 10.

Dave Wilson, celebrated as a premier contemporary folk songwriter, showcases his musical talents as a guitarist and banjo player while Kip Winter, lauded by Maverick Magazine's John Roffee for having "a voice to die for," is fluent in contemporary folk, traditional Gaelic songs, and blues.

She also plays the piano accordion, flute, and guitar.

The couple, known for their relaxed stage presence and harmonious music, live and perform together.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, they created their latest studio album, The Passing of the Storm.

Mike Davies, of Folk Radio, said: "Winter Wilson's superbly-crafted musicianship, heartfelt songs and performance are the bedrock on which this country's folk circuit rests and both it and the world would be a poorer place without them."

The duo will start their show at Medina Bookshop at 7pm. Tickets, available at the bookstore, cost £10.