A popular Isle of Wight pub has teamed up with Jeremy Clarkson to sell the TV star's lager and cider, made famous on Prime Video series Clarkson's Farm.

Smokin' Jack's, in Wroxall, formerly the Star Inn, is the only pub pulling pints of Hawkstone on the Island.

The pub trialled a keg a couple of weeks ago and it sold within just a couple of hours.

After hitting shelves as a permanent menu item on Tuesday, June 11, owner Terry Brennan said it was an 'overnight best-seller'.

"It's gone down really well", he said.

He told the County Press the pub likes selling "quirky things" and has been trying to get the lager and cider in for the last six months.

Smokin' Jack's, Wroxall (Image: IWCP)

After agreeing a deal with a Hawkstone rep, Terry said there was even a chance Jeremy Clarkson and his Clarkson's Farm co-star Kaleb Cooper could have come to the Island for the pub's launch of Hawkstone.

TV commitments meant it wasn't possible, though. But, Terry said he is hoping they will visit at some point in the future.

Smokin' Jacks is selling Hawkstone beer for £4.48, while the cider is being sold for £3.51.

Terry said he thinks that is the cheapest price for Hawkstone in the country.

Clarkson's Farm recently premiered for its third season on Amazon Prime.