Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix jumped naked into Gordon Ramsay’s pool after losing a cooking contest at his home in California.

In scenes due to air in Thursday night’s episode of Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Road Trip, the pair are challenged to impress Ramsay’s mother Helen with their best burger.

The celebrity chef, 43, and First Dates star, 48, decide to showcase the European version while Ramsay, 53, opts for the American style.

Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix (Studio Ramsay/ITV/PA)

But despite their best efforts, the pair are forced to jump into the pool at Ramsay’s property in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

After tasting the burgers, Helen says: “I’ve got to go for yours, Gordon, because I didn’t like the soggy bun.”

Sirieix replies: “Well, I disagree.”

Ramsay says: “You lost, big deal. Get your clothes off and jump in the pool.”

Helen says: “I always knew I wanted to pick Gordon, because I wanted to see them jump in the water with no clothes on.”

The pair greet Gordon Ramsay after losing the bet (Studio Ramsay/ITV/PA)

As the pair appear naked, Gordon says: “Oh my goodness me, I’m so sorry.”

Helen adds: “I enjoyed it, don’t worry about it.”

The ITV show follows the trio as they embark on a journey across the US in a campervan.

Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Road Trip airs on ITV at 9pm on Thursday.