ON THE exciting occasions I have watched the Isle of Wight’s young cricket star Adam Hose smash the ball all around the park for Warwickshire on televised evening matches, I’ve always encountered that chip off the old block feeling.

In other words — like father, like son.

The father in question is, of course, Jeff Hose, who was quite some cricketer himself.

His personal achievements have included a rapid 152 not out, all ten wickets for just 25 runs and six sixes in an over.

These days, Jeff is more famous for selling properties, but in the 70s and 80s he was one of the most feared club cricketers in the south of England.

In 1979, Jeff impressed two county cricketers — John Jameson and Barry Reed — when playing for the Isle of Wight against the MCC, at Shanklin.

Isle of Wight County Press: Jeff Hose was a feared quick bowler in the 70s and 80s.Jeff Hose was a feared quick bowler in the 70s and 80s.

Hampshire coach, Peter Sainsbury, was made aware of him and gave him trial games for the club.

Age may have been against him but four years later, after leaving Ventnor for a couple of seasons, he was playing higher grade cricket for Lymington, who won the Southern League.

They had a few ex-county players, a New Zealand international, a South African state player and young Hampshire prospects.

It was a strong league, but Jeff was up there with the best of them.

From Ventnor’s point of view, it was pure luck he happened to be looking over the wall at Steephill.

He could so easily have been peering through the hedge at Shanklin’s Westhill ground — the home of Ventnor’s deadly rivals.

Isle of Wight County Press: Jeff Hose, front row, fourth left, with the Ventnor team at Westhill, Shanklin, in 1994.Jeff Hose, front row, fourth left, with the Ventnor team at Westhill, Shanklin, in 1994.

On numerous occasions, Jeff has told me: “Over the years, a lot of people told me I really should have joined Shanklin — but that’s another story.”

Before Jeff came to Bonchurch with his family, he’d almost had a nomadic childhood.

He was born in Liverpool, but at the age of six, the family moved to India, where he became a boarder at St Paul’s School, Darjeeling.

Later, when they moved back to England, Jeff went to the Bryanston School in Blandford Forum.

There he played cricket for their first eleven, but his game did not really develop until he came to the Island.

Before his cricket prowess had won him many local admirers, he’d played hockey for the Isle of Wight club.

Isle of Wight County Press: Jeff, back row, sixth left, was part of a successful Lymington side for a couple of years.Jeff, back row, sixth left, was part of a successful Lymington side for a couple of years.

Over the years, Jeff also played rugby for Ventnor and the odd game of football for the town.

He also captained Ventnor’s second division badminton team and was once still playing on a court at 2.40am.

Sport had always been a Hose family tradition, with his father offered terms as a goalkeeper for Bolton Wanderers.

I love the story of Jeff’s first-ever cricket match for Ventnor.

People of a certain age can easily picture the scene.

He told their irrepressible wicketkeeper, Terry Symmans, that he was an off-spinner.

Symmo took it all in and stood close to the stumps.

However, he soon moved back to prevent an even wider centre parting.

Rumour has it Terry ended up half-way up the hill.

Isle of Wight County Press: Jeff Hose with the Warwickshire squad, of which his son, Adam, is a big part of.. Jeff Hose with the Warwickshire squad, of which his son, Adam, is a big part of..

The sight of the formidable Hose physique running down the famous Steephill slope was enjoyed by so many — unless you had a bat in your hand.

In 1979, Jeff had a season to remember. Ventnor won both the cup and league and he topped their batting and bowling averages.

It was the first time he had taken 100 wickets in a season.

Jeff loved the local game during his cricket years.

When I interviewed him in 2002, he was pondering retirement and told me: “I must say how much I have enjoyed local club rivalry and, in particular, matches against players like Kevin Winchcombe and Andy Lockwood, from Newport, and Northwood’s Goldsmith brothers.

“In all these cases, it was hard on the pitch, but off the field it was all taken with a laugh and a joke, with a handshake at the end.”

He has always had such respect for the Shanklin players and many of their local derbies were among the highlights of an Island season.

Isle of Wight County Press: Jeff Hose.Jeff Hose.

Mainland league cricket has now curtailed some of those eagerly anticipated matches.

Hosey, one of the nicest guys to play Island club cricket, was always a fierce on-field competitor, whether ripping through a batting line-up or thrashing their bowling to all parts.

He’s always traded in fours and sixes. That meant a lot less running.

In that 2002 interview, he confessed to being a little less energetic.

“These days, I am often the oldest member of the team and my colleagues know that running a two is a possibility but with a three they fall about laughing,” said Jeff.

“Now, with my bowling, I pant after three overs and I believe I am living on reputation alone.”

Despite all his big hitting, Jeff could never manage to hit the ball out of the Ventnor ground and down into Steephill Cove.

It had been done in the 30s and he once saw a West Indian non-cricketer achieve that feat.

The guy just closed his eyes and it ended up in the cove.

The unlucky bowler certainly wasn’t Jeff.

Jeff, who still always seems to create the perfect length of trendy designer stubble, was thrilled when the Isle of Wight Cricket Academy was launched and he has been heartened by the success of young Islanders in first class cricket.

Over the years, these have included Stephen Snell, Mark Garaway, Danny Briggs, Chris Russell, David Griffiths and now his own son, Adam.

He also pays tribute to so many who have helped him over the years. These include John Hilsum, Billy Clutterbuck, Jack Rogers, Keith Newnham, Roger Poynter and so many more.

Isle of Wight County Press: Jeff Hose is a successful estate agent on the Isle of Wight.Jeff Hose is a successful estate agent on the Isle of Wight.

Off the field, Jeff, his very supportive wife Jill, and Mark Rhodes, formed the estate agents Hose, Rhodes and Dickson in 1990 and it has been another success story.

I faced the seemingly invincible Jeff Hose at his fiery best — and never lasted too long at the crease.

I did manage to stop him in full flow on at least two occasions — without a cricket ground in sight.

He just couldn’t face the prospect of appearing live on my radio show.

Actually, he doesn’t even know about this article. So don’t tell him!